Do not delay if you shop for an outdoor kitchen

Do not delay if you shop for an outdoor kitchen

Just like any housing improvement project, an outdoor kitchen can be an expensive attempt. In addition to examining the best materials, devices and suppliers, scheduling timing of your project can properly help you save money. If you shop for an outdoor kitchen, you can negotiate your best business right now. There are several reasons why this is true.

The outdoor life industry is a seasonal industry. This is evident as you walk through the corridors in the big box home improvement centers nationwide as they clean out the Christmas displays and make room for barbecues and outdoor furniture. Demand for outdoor living products, including outdoor kitchens, rises steadily throughout the nation, starting in January and continuing through the late summer. Everyone in the industry, including barbecue manufacturers and outdoor furniture, is starting to start their new products and marketing campaigns for the spring. Grill distributors usually offer their retailers off season discounts and incentives to buy in bulk before the season. Your grill shop or outdoor kitchen company probably has several grills in stock that were bought for a one-time discount that they would like to move out of their showroom immediately.

The housing industry has shifted a significant amount of highly skilled craftsmen. Several of these workers have found themselves in the outdoor market and are willing to compete aggressively to serve your business. Combined with the overall high unemployment, the forces maintain low labor costs. When the economy is healing and the housing market begins to recover, the cost of skilled construction will increase. Home builders and remodelers who may have shifted their focus may temporarily in the outdoor market will eventually return to their craft, which likely reduces competition among outdoor kitchen-related labor.

The decline in the housing market has also resulted in a reduction of material costs. The cost of building materials is lower than in previous years. After the housing boom there was an abundance of raw materials. Some material suppliers have been dehydrated in the process. At the moment, the cost of many building materials is still low with prices to your advantage. As the economy improves, these forces will change and material costs are likely to begin to creep upwards.

If you think you might want to host a big party this summer, especially around Independence Day, you will not be able to get the same deal in May or June as you can in January. Then your cookie provider will likely be booked well and try to finish projects before July 4th. During the months it is common for outdoor projects to be sold on condition that it is completed with a target date as the Independence Day. The chance to negotiate a discount at that time is virtually impossible. The best outdoor kitchens will be booked solidly and try to keep customers as planned ahead of schedule for their parties.

You will also not be able to negotiate your best deal by the end of the year either. Companies with experience in the outdoor life industry plan for their business to slow at the end of the calendar year. They make efforts to clear their inventory and adjust their staff levels accordingly. Outdoor furniture manufacturing does not offer the same incentives as they do now. With so many appliances manufactured abroad and bulk purchased at the beginning of the year, some devices within a certain barbeque line may be completely unavailable by the end of the year. Grill distributors simply do not have the same incentive for their dealers as they do now. Your outdoor kitchen company will not be able to negotiate the same business when everyone has planned for this highly predictable business cycle.

Planning your outdoor kitchen right now gives you time to not feel pressured and leverage to negotiate your best deal. With outdoor dining companies that frame what is expected to be the busiest season this year, you can stay in the drivers place while shopping for the dream outdoor kitchen.

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